The Lanz Bulldog was copied by at least four different companies.  Registers are being compiled for all these tractors.

Le Percheron.  This was a licensed copy of the 25 HP hot-bulb Bulldog built by Société Nationale de Construction Aeronautic du Centre (SNCAC) at Colombe in France from about 1938.  It is believed that nearly 3,700 were built before production ceased in 1956.

KL Bulldog.  This tractor was produced by Kelly & Lewis of  Springvale, Victoria, Australia from 1948 to about 1954, presumably with approval from Lanz.  It was a copy of the 35 HP Bulldog and about 900 were built.  A Register of KL Bulldogs is maintained by Craig Pink of RMB 7140, Colac 3249, Victoria, Australia.  
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 Ursus.  A copy of the 45 HP Bulldog was produced at the ZMU factory (Zaklady Mechanicze Ursus) in Czechowice in Poland from 1947.  About 55,000 were built up until 1965.  Bearing in mind the political situation in the post-war years it seems unlikely that this tractor was built with Lanz approval.

 El Pampa.  In 1951 a copy of the 55 HP Bulldog was produced by Industrias Aeronáuticas y Mecánicas del Estado in Argentina.  The tractor was called ‘El Pampa’ and the badge on the front read IAME.  From 1955 the tractor was produced by Dirección Nacional de Fabricaciones e Investigaciones Aeronáuticas and the badge was changed to DINFIA.  The rear mudguards were also changed from square to shell-shape at this time and it is thought that the tractor was re-rated at 60 HP.  About 3,760 Pampas were produced from 1951 to 1960.  They may have been built without permission from Lanz initially, but it is understood that Lanz did support production at a later stage.

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