I am compiling registers for each of the following manufacturers:

SF Vierzon
 - made in France
- made in Italy
HSCS - made in Hungary
Orsi - made in Italy
Gualdi - made in Italy
Bubba - made in Italy

I have some information on the history of these tractors and the availability of spares, which is freely available to anyone who provides details of his tractor.

A Marshall tractor register is also being compiled by me in conjunction with The Marshall Club.  This includes the Fowler VF and VFA.  The Club produces a magazine, Britannia News.  For further information  please contact the editor, Mr. Ian Palmer:  ian.themarshallclub_at_outlook.com   (Replace _at_ with @.)

Please email me (andrewwatsonmarston_at_gmail.com  (replacing _at_ with @ ) if you own any of these tractors, including Marshall. I will then update the relvant register and send you a copy.

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