Umbau Bullogs   Umbau Bulldogs are hot-bulb Bulldogs which have been re-engined with a Lanz semi-diesel engine from the 1950s.  This was a means of extending the life of an older Bulldog. An Umbaubulldog Register is operated by the Schlepperfreunde Nordbaren (Tractor Friends of Nordbaren in Germany).
Please visit: http://www.schlepperfreunde-nordbaden.de/register/catalog

Pampa Bulldogs.   Pampa Bulldogs are copies of the 55 HP hot-bulb Bulldog which were made in Argentina from 1951 to 1960.  A Pampa Register is operated by Alex Lange in Germany.
Please visit: http://www.pampa-traktor.de/

McDonald.  John Touzel of 6 Sanders Lane, Korumburra, Victoria 3950, Australia maintains a register of McDonald tractors which were made in Australia.  These tractors have a single cylinder, horizontal, hot-bulb engine, but unlike the Lanz the cylinder head is towards the rear - just in front of the driver's knees !
Tel: 0061 3 56581404, email: jftouz_at_gmail.com. (Replace _at_ with @.)

Motor Roller Register.  A register of road rollers with internal combustion engines is maintained by the Road Roller Association of the UK.   Note that this includes Marshall and Fowler rollers.
Please visit: https://www.roadrollers.org/association

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